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The Lynx Family - PDF

The Lynx Family - PDF

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September 2020 (in English)

Size: 92 pages

Content includes:

  • Full Spectrum Dominance for Future Battlefields (Armin Papperger)
  • The Lynx-Family of Vehicles Best Possible Equipment for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Armed Forces (Rheinmetall AG)
  • Future Battlefield Superiority (Rheinmetall AG)
  • Rheinmetall’s Cooperation with International Partners, Local Content, Workshare (Rheinmetall AG)
  • The Lynx KF41 as an Overall System (Rheinmetall AG)
  • Determinant Boundary Conditions (Rheinmetall AG)
  • Modularity and Standardising for Future Growth (Rheinmetall AG)
  • The Lance 2.0 Turret and the Lynx KF41 Armament Concept – Superior Firepower and Lethality (Rheinmetall AG)
  • The Lance 2.0 Turret and its Crew Stations (Rheinmetall AG)
  • Second Generation of Stabilised Electro-Optical Sighting System – The SEOSS-2 Product Family (Rheinmetall AG)
  • Curtiss-Wright’s Turret Drive Servo System (TDSS) (Curtiss-Wright Drive Technology, T. Beuter, P. Brusten)
  • rothe erde® Wire Race Bearings – Optimally Equipped for Every Mission (thyssenkrupp rothe erde® Germany GmbH)
  • Main Armament for the Lynx KF41 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (Rheinmetall AG)
  • Spike LR2 for the Lynx KF41 (EuroSpike GmbH)
  • The Main Sensor Slaved Armament (MSSA) Killer-Killer Capability for the Lynx IFV (Rheinmetall AG)
  • Rheinmetall’s New Mortar System, the 120 mm Ragnarok – Compact, Automated Aiming, Manually Loaded Vehicle Mortar System (Rheinmetall AG)
  • Patria Nemo 120 mm Turreted Mortar System – Mobile Protected Mortar Firepower for the Lynx KF41 (Rheinmetall AG) 
  • Rheinmetall Hybrid Protection Technologies for the Lynx KF41 – Passive, Active and Softkill Solutions from a Single Source (Rheinmetall AG)
  • Force Protection – the Situational Awareness System (Rheinmetall AG)
  • Modular Safety Seat Systems for Enhanced Occupant Protection in Crash and Blast Scenarios (AUTOFLUG GmbH, Rüdiger Skrzipietz)
  • Combined AC/CBRN Filtration System for the Rheinmetall Lynx Vehicle – State-of-the-Art Technology from Beth-El Industries Ltd. (Beth-El Zikhron Yaaqov Industries Ltd.)
Command and Control
  • Networking Vehicle Mission Systems – NGVA, UK GVA, AS GVA (Rheinmetall AG)
  • The Lynx KF41 Command and Weapon Control System – Best of Class Mission Equipment on a Novel Platform (Rheinmetall AG)
  • Enhanced Vision – Rheinmetall Camera Systems (Rheinmetall AG)
  • Vingtaqs II – State-of-the-Art Joint Fire Surveillance and Reconnaissance System for Lynx KF41 (Rheinmetall AG)
  • Integration of the Soldier System Gladius with the Lynx KF41 IFV (Rheinmetall AG)
  • Integration of Unmanned Systems – Boosting the Combat Power of the Lynx KF41 IFV for Modern Battlefield Missions (Rheinmetall AG)
  • The Lynx KF41’s Chassis and Running Gear – High Levels of Protection and Mobility even in Roughest Terrain (Rheinmetall AG)
  • The Trailblazer Vehicle Vision System (RFEL)
  • Energy from Li-Ion-Batteries (Bren-Tronics, Inc., Mathyas Petit)
  • Power Pack and Drivetrain (Rheinmetall AG)
  • Driving, Steering and Braking – Transmissions and Final Drives (RENK AG)
  • Composite Rubber Tracks Enhancing Mission Success (Soucy Defence Division)
  • Supashock Delivers Australian Capability to a Global Platform (Supashock Australia)
Logistics and Training
  • Integrated Logistic Support by Rheinmetall (Rheinmetall AG)
  • Lynx Training – A Holistic Training System Approach (Rheinmetall AG)
International Market
  • Rheinmetall’s Land 400 Phase 3 Bid in Australia – Progress Update (Stephen Bunce)
  • Lynx KF41 for the Czech Republic (Michał Jarocki)
  • Lynx for the U.S. Army? OMFV Programme Approaches Next Phase (Sidney E. Dean)
  • Hungary is the Launch Customer for the Lynx KF41 (Gerhard Heiming)
  • Research and Development for Future Growth Potential (Rheinmetall AG)

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