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Advanced Technologies for German Land Forces 2022 - PDF

Advanced Technologies for German Land Forces 2022 - PDF

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June 2022

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Aus dem Inhalt:

  • The best equipment we can get (Dr. Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, Chairwoman of the Defence Committee of the German Bundestag)
  • We know what we are capable of, what we want and what we need: The German Army has a clear concept for national and collective defence (Lieutenant General Alfons Mais, Chief of Staff, German Army)
  • Indispensable: Operationally ready, modern German land forces for Alliance and national defence (Wolfgang Köpke, Major General (Retired), President of the Association of the German Army)
Threat Situations and Capabilities
  • Multi-Domain Operations – An analysis from the German Army perspective (Thomas Doll, Ugur Uysal)
  • Drone Defence Capabilities urgently needed (André Forkert)
  • German Army Engineers in Emergency and Disaster Response Operations – Legal Classification, Capabilities and Lessons Learned (Sebastian Hoffmann and Steffen Cherubim)
  • VJTF-Land 2023 – Mission and Status (Renzo Di Leo)
  • The Bundeswehr Medical Service – how the VJTF Reveals new Fields of Action and Triggers Processes (Jörg Weindl)
Training and Training Resources
  • Mindset for National and Alliance Defence – Modern Leadership Training in the German Army (Stephan Thomas)
Armament Projects Land Forces
  • Special Tactical Hardware Solutions for Vehicle Integration (roda computer GmbH)
  • Equipment Planning for the German Army 2022 (Andreas Bach)
  • Leonardo’s Mirach family target drones: true-to-life training (Leonardo Spa)
  • Vital battlefield backup: Indirect Fire and Air Defence (Rheinmetall AG)
  • National and Collective Defence meanwhile a Tangible Scenario. Equipment planning of the Bundeswehr Joint Medical Service (Hendrik Ploß)
Protection and Mobility
  • Demands of the German Army to achieve capabilities in national and Alliance defence as well as in international crisis management (Daniel Rommelfanger)
  • Mission Next-Level Weapon Stabilisation – Tailor-Made Meets Modular (VINCORION)
  • Reliable drone defence (ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH)
  • Protection Systems for Land Platforms – Status and Developments (Philip Uhlig)
  • The Future Operational Principles for the Initial Capability of the Short-Range and Very Short-Range Protection Air Defence System (Manfred Stangl)
  • The Capability of Countering Class I UAS from the German Army’s Point of View (Jürgen Däumer)
  • Staying mobile – What types of vehicles does the Bundeswehr need? (Heinrich Gattermann)
  • Accurate acquisition of movements and positions with inertial sensors (Northrop Grumman LITEF GmbH)
  • Air-Transportable Platform – One fits all (René Medici)
  • Future Oversnow Mobility Requirements (Jakob Ningelgen)
Digitalisation, Command and Control
  • Digitalisation of Land-Based Operations – Current Status and Further Development (Enrico Dani)
  • Digitalisation of training areas – project implementation (Jasmin Weiher)
  • Test and Experimentation Unit – Current Status, Lessons Learned and Further Development (Jörg-Josef Butterwegge, Michael Beyer and Michael Sack)
  • The Development of the Leopard 2 main battle tank in the German Army (Gerhard Heiming)
  • Efficient Energy Supply from Generators and Air Conditioning Systems (Fischer Panda GmbH)
  • Puma Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle – current status and further planning (Gerhard Heiming and Michael Horst)
  • System Infantryman of the Future – Extended System: Demands and Experiences of the Infantry (Thomas Heinl)
  • Boxer – a Modular System (Gerhard Heiming)
  • Mobility is Protection (Hutchinson GmbH)
  • Optimising Medical Evacuation (Johannes Backus, Jörg Weindl, Sven Marquardt, Kristian Stork)
  • Renewal of the Bundeswehr truck fleet (Gerhard Heiming)
  • Focus on the Individual Warfighter (Jan-Phillipp Weisswange)
  • Thinking Small Arms Systematically (Jan-Phillipp Weisswange)
Future Trends
  • Further development of Medical Service capabilities: Human biomonitoring systems integrated in smart textiles (Kai Schmidt)
  • Why a Main Ground Combat System and not a Leopard 3? (Sascha Uyanik)

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