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European Security & Defence 05/2021

European Security & Defence 05/2021

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Länder-Fokus: Spanien

  • What is Spain’s Current Role in the International Security Environment? (Esteban Villarejo)
  • The Spanish Armed Forces in 2035. Looking Ahead: An Overview of the Country’s New Military Strategy and New Capabilities Planning Cycle (Admiral General Teodoro Esteban López Calderón)
  • Spain’s Military to Rework ist Modernisation Priorities. Interview with Adm. Santiago Ramón González Gómez, General Director of DGAM
  • Spanish Defence after COVID: The Industry Speaks (Esteban Villarejo)
Weitere Inhalte:
  • Polish-Romanian Defence and Security Policy (Eugene Kogan)
  • A New Global Strategic Vision or a Fantasy? Reflections on the British Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy (David Saw)
  • The Afghanistan Dilemma: to Withdraw or not to Withdraw? (Dr. Andreea Stoian Karadeli)
  • Protecting Critical Infrastructure – Cyber or Sabotage (Tony Kingham)
  • How to Train for the Coming Drone Wars. The Urgent Need for Immersive Training with Extended Reality (John Antal)
  • Battery Management – Systems and Technologies (Tim Guest)
  • Rising Demand for Medium Tanks (Christopher F Foss)
  • Integrated Advantage: Networking C-UAV systems (Gerrard Cowan)
  • A Drone Superpower. How Turkey’s UAV Manufacturers are Transforming “Drone Diplomacy” (Korhan Özkilinc)
  • Deployment of Special Forces Equipment or Resupply by Air (André Forkert)
  • UUVs Revolutionise Mine Hunting and Neutralisation (Luca Peruzzi)
  • The Global Submarine Fleet and Weapons: Present and Future (Bob Nugent)
  • Unmanned Forces: Achieving ORBAT Balance (Giulia Tilenni)
  • Weaponised Containers Protect FOBs (Christopher F Foss)
  • New Technologies Disrupting Long Range Infantry Weapons (Tamir Eshel)
  • 4x4 Scout and Liaison Vehicles (Sidney E. Dean)
  • Miniaturisation – Not Only About Technology (Manuela Tudosia)
  • An Astounding Turnaround. Interview with Jan Molter, Managing Director of Aeromaritime
  • Naval Programmes in the Eastern Mediterranean (Conrad Waters)
  • “We are ready for new global partnerships”. Interview with Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün, Chairman, President and CEO of ASELSAN
  • A Look at Turkish Armament Programmes (Kubilai Han)
  • The Return of Spetsnaz: Special Forces in the Donbas (Suman Sharma)
  • Turkey’s Combat Support Ship Programme (Kubilai Han)

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