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European Security & Defence 09/2020

European Security & Defence 09/2020

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Länderfokus: Polen

  • Major Polish Procurement Programmes (Michał Jarocki)
  • Another Decrease in Polish Defence Exports (Michał Jarocki)
  • Poland’s Aviation Procurement Programmes (Michał Jarocki)
Weitere Inhalte:
  • The True Nature of Sino-Russian Relations (Eugene Kogan)
  • The COVID-19 Saga. Global Implications, Geopolitical Trends and the Balance of Power (Andreea Stoian Karadeli)
  • How China Used the Pandemic for ist Expansionist Pursuits (Suman Sharma)
  • Pivot to Asia. Europe's Declining Significance from a Geo-Strategic Perspective (Ludolf von Löwenstern)
  • “I would like to see the EU to take full responsibility for its maritime dimension”. Interview with Vice Admiral Hervé Bléjean, Director General of the European Union Military Staff (DGEUMS) and Director of the Military Planning and Conduct Capability (Dir MPCC)
  • Armoured Vehicles from Eastern Europe (Alex Horobets)
  • EURONAVAL 2020 and the “New Normal”. Interview with with Hugues d’Argentré, Director, SOGENA
  • 36 Post-COVID-19 Europe: a New Security Environment with New Challenges. Interview with Bear Midkiff, Vice President Sales and Marketing, John Cockerill Defense
  • Limitations on Defence Imports to India (Suman Sharma)
  • Europe Builds up Fleets of 8x8 (Christopher F. Foss)
  • Features of Modern Military Logistic Trucks (Gerhard Heiming)
  • Belgian and Dutch Naval Replacement Programmes (Jaime Karremann)
  • The Art of Electronic Eavesdropping (Doug Richardson)
  • European Infantry Fighting Vehicle Armament (Christopher F. Foss)
  • Equipping Medical Responders for CBRN Scenarios (Dan Kaszeta)
  • Protecting NATO’s Northern Approaches (Bo Leimand)
  • Light Infantry: a New Tool for the Danish Army (Michael Johnsson)
  • Enforcing the Arms Embargo: Operation IRINI. Interview with RADM Fabio Agostini, Commander, Operation EUNAVFOR MED IRINI
  • From Political Symbol to Regional Responsibility. The Multinational Corps Northeast in Szczecin (Poland) (Ulrich Pfützenreuter)


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