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European Security & Defence 01/2020

European Security & Defence 01/2020

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Focus: Armoured Vehicles

  • Ground Mobility – Crucial on Tomorrow’s Battlefield (Tim Guest)
  • The Return of the 6x6 AFV (Christopher F. Foss)
  • Light Tactical Mobility Platforms. Latest Developments (Sidney E. Dean)
  • Vehicles of all Payload Classes for a Wide Range of Tasks. Interview with Dr Ralf Forcher, Member of the Board of Management and Head of Marketing, Sales and Service, and Marcus Ernst, Head of Sales Defence and Industrial Customer Business, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks
  • Power Supplies for Armoured Vehicles (Tamir Eshel)
  • Powering the Needs of Tomorrow’s Armoured Vehicles (Tim Guest)
  • Hybrid Power for Lightweight Armoured Vehicles (Alex Horobets)
  • Turret Options for 8x8 Combat Vehicles (Sidney E. Dean)
  • Turrets for APCs. Israeli Solutions (Arie Egozi)
  • Racing Towards Calibre Growth Medium Calibre Cannon and Ammunition (David Saw)
  • Situational Awareness in Fighting Vehicles (Doug Richardson)
  • CBRN Decontamination of Vehicles (Dan Kaszeta)
  • Surviving the City Fight. 21st Century Armour in the Urban Canyon (John Antal)
  • Vehicle Protection with an IRON FIST (Tamir Eshel)
  • British Army Invests in New Fleet of Armoured Vehicles (Christopher F. Foss)
  • Spain to Invite New Bids for the 8x8 VCR DRAGÓN Programme (Esteban Villarejo)
  • Australia’s Armour Renaissance. The Land 400 Programme (David Saw)
  • Striking Power for STRYKERs. The US Army Up-Guns its Mobile Striking Power in Europe (John Antal)
  • Poland’s Indefinite Procurement of New Multirole Vehicles (Michał Jarocki)
  • WiSENT 2: When Armoured Vehicles Require Assistance (Bjorn D. Josefsen)
  • Israel’s Carmel Programme. Charting Future Concepts for Mounted Combat (Tamir Eshel)


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