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European Security & Defence 02/2018

European Security & Defence 02/2018

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Aus dem Inhalt:


  • Malaysia’s Defence Dilemma (David Saw)
  • Malaysian Army and Police Requirements (Dzirhan Mahadzir)
  • European Defence Companies as Contractors of the Malaysian Armed Forces (Dzirhan Mahadzir)


Weitere Themen:

  • PESCO: Current State and Future Perspectives (Giulia Tilenni)
  • What Is the Future for the Eurasian Economic Union? (Stephen Blank)
  • China’s Threat Perception, Security Strategy and Eurasia (Ali Erdinç)
  • Russian-Turkish Relations and their Impact on NATO and the EU (Eugene Kogan)
  • “Procurement of an additional Tranche always remains a possibility.” - Interview with LtGen. Gabriele Salvestroni, General Manager, NETMA
  • Polish Procurement, Naval Industry and the Navy (Eugene Kogan)
  • Spain Ready to Launch a New Investment Cycle in Defence (Esteban Villarejo)
  • The Chilean Air Force: “Stretched Only in Terms of Geography...” (Georg Mader)
  • US Navy Littoral Combat Ship & Frigate Programmes (Conrad Waters)
  • Stealth Reshapes the Modern Warship (Doug Richardson)
  • Tactical Communications – Increasing Use of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (Tim Guest)
  • America Searching New Small Arms Solutions (David Saw)
  • Japan’s Wheeled Armoured Vehicle (Shinichi Kiyotani)
  • Submerged Unmanned Platforms on the Rise (Luca Peruzzi)
  • Global Mine Countermeasures: An Approach to Future Defence against the Naval Mine Threat (Guy Toremans)
  • A New Beam from the Rising Sun? Interview “A Further Insight” (Georg Mader)
  • NATO versus Russia in the Baltic Region (Joris Verbeurgt)

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