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European Security & Defence 06/2017 - PDF

European Security & Defence 06/2017 - PDF

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Aus dem Inhalt:

  • Italy and its Defence Partnership with NATO and the EU (Luca Peruzzi)
  • Moldova’s Difficult Course Forward (Nina Lutterjohann)
  • Armenia and the South Caucasus Security System (Gayane Novikova)
  • The Art of Bullying: Nuclear North Korea and its Place in East Asia (Jan Blinka)
  • The North Atlantic Treaty of 1949 and its Relevance in 2017 (Eugene Kogan)
  • The Ukrainian Strategic Environment (David Saw)
  • CBRN Defence and NATO (Dan Kaszeta)
  • 2018 US Defence Budget Proposal Restoration (Joshua Cohen)
  • “We are actually working to reach the objective of 2%.” - Interview: Agustín Conde, Secretary of State in the Spanish Ministry of Defence
  • “This situation cannot go on.” - Interview with Deputy Defence Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Lt.Gen. Karim Valiyev
  • Paradigm Shift at Infantry Company Level - David Saw
  • MIV: FRESh Thinking? (Tim Mahon)
  • Move Forward More Slowly – The British CHALLENGER 2 Upgrade Programme (David Saw)
  • Type 26 Global Combat Ship: Status Report (Conrad Waters)
  • QUEEN ELIZABETH Class Aircraft Carriers: Programme Update (Conrad Waters)
  • Common Optimism Anti-Ship Missile Manufacturers to Set New Standards (Stefan Nitschke)
  • Projects and Programmes of the NCI Agency (Dorothee Frank)
  • “Speed of Light to the Fight” – Promise and Prospects of Directed Energy Weapons (Sidney E. Dean)
  • Weighty Decisions Over Heavy Helicopters (Andrew Drwiega)
  • Medium-Calibre Ammunition Developments (Remigiusz Wilk)
  • Glock Modular Handgun System (Jan-Phillipp Weisswange)
  • New Vehicles for the Belgian Light Brigade (Joris Verbeurgt)
  • Upgrading Legacy Soviet Tanks (David Saw)
  • Comprehensive Force Protection Concept for Armoured Combat Vehicles (Rolf Hilmes)
  • DSEI Preview – New Technology Poised to Enter Maritime Domain (Stefan Nitschke)
  • “DSO is the front end, talking to customers.“ - Interview with Stephen Phipson, Head of DSO
  • Climate Management on Naval Vessels HVAC and CBRN Protection Systems (Dieter Stockfisch)



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