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European Security & Defence 06/2015 - PDF

European Security & Defence 06/2015 - PDF

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Aus dem Inhalt:

  • Quo Vadis Pentagon? (Marco Overhaus)
  • Russia's 2014 Military Doctrine and beyond: Threat Perceptions, Capabilities and Ambitions (Polina Sinovets and Bettina Renz)
  • The Security Dimensions of the Greek Crisis (Michael Paul)
  • Israeli-UK Gepolitical Chaos (Tim Guest)
  • The Netherlands - "We Will Uphold" (Thomas Bauer)
  • In the Interest of the Netherlands (Tom Middendorp)
  • The Dutch Triple Helix: Innovations for the Armed Forces (Ron Nulkes)
  • NATO's Readiness Action Plan for Assurance and Deterrence - Progress and Challenges on the Road from Wales to Warsaw (Klaus Olshausen)
  • Smart Energy Protects and Saves Money (Gerhard Heiming)
  • "Equipment commonality is a key success factor." (Interview with OCCAR Director Tim Rowntree)
  • Key Aspects of the PUMA AIFV System Technology (Team of authors, PSM Projekt System & Management GmbH)
  • Training and Simulation Trends Today (William Carter and Stephen Barnard)
  • Current Developments in the Sniper Community (Jan-Phillipp Weisswange)
  • Handover of the First M109A7 PALADIN (Sidney E. Dean)
  • The Danish Defence Procurement Plan 2015-2030 (J. Bo Leimand)
  • Greater Sense of Awareness (Andrew Drwiega)
  • Naval Auxiliary Ships (Bob Nugent)
  • "It's easy to win on price; it's more difficult to win on value. That's what we do." (Interview with Larry Raines, VP Virtual systems, Meggitt Training Systems)
  • Oshkosh Wins JLTV Contract, Lockheed Challenges Award (Sidney E. Dean)
  • "Meeting conventional demand without compromise" (Interview with Izzet Artunc, MKEK General Manager and Chairman of the Board)


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