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European Security & Defence 04/2024

European Security & Defence 04/2024

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Content includes:

  • Armoured Fury: Analysing Large Calibre Ammunition in the Ukraine Conflict (Sam Cranny-Evans)
  • Counter-UAV: meeting emerging threats (David Isby)
  • Nano-UAV and micro-UAV developments (Sidney E. Dean)
  • Power junkies: UAV propulsion challenges and trends (Tim Mahon)
  • Drone Challenge – Training Riposte (Trevor Nash)
  • Blue water submarines: capabilities and requirements (Conrad Waters)
  • AUVs and ROVs make key contribution to seabed warfare (Dr Lee Willett)
  • Finding the edge: sonar technologies and programmes (Tim Fish)
  • Patrol pairing (Dr Lee Willett)
  • Transport aircraft: a survey of future trends (Sidney E. Dean)
  • Medium support helicopters (Tim Fish)
  • Rotary wings – developments and market trends (Tim Guest )
  • Modern ceramic armour for personal and vehicle protection (Gerhard Heiming)
  • The UK NMH programme: a marathon as opposed to a sprint (Peter Felstead)
  • Sensor fusion: The future of land ISTAR? (Sam Cranny-Evans)
  • Detecting illicit drugs: Technology and products (Dan Kaszeta)
  • Nuclear weapons at sea – is their use viable? (Sidharth Kaushal)
  • Autonomous weapon systems: is a practical approach possible? (Manuela Tudosia)
  • The EU’s space strategy for security and defence(Robert Czulda)
  • The challenge ahead for Germany’s armed forces (Martin Konertz)
  • Paris (Jean Francois Auran)
  • Kyiv (Alex Horobets)


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