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Bridging the Gap (Englisch)

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Dezember 2022

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  • Strenghtening Military Mobility (Dr. Thomas Kauffmann, Managing Director and Vice President GDELS International Business & Services)
  • We Enable Mobility (Dr. Christian Kauth, Managing Director and Vice President, GDELS–Bridge Systems)
  • „Aluminium is the best combination of the disadvantages of all possible materials.“ Interview with Dr. Christian Kauth, GDELS–Bridge Systems
 Historical Development
  • Building Bridges over the Centuries. Continuities and technical change: from antiquity to today, engineers master similar challenges (Andreas Himmelsbach)
  • 70 Years of Experience in the Construction of Amphibious Bridge Systems (GDELS–Bridge Systems)
 Military Mobility and Interoperability
  • Military Mobility and Interoperability from an EU-NATO perspective (Lieutenant Colonel Holger Poeppe)
  • Solutions for NATO’s Current and Future Gap Crossing Capability
  • The CEPA Project “Military Mobility” Interview with Lieutenant General (ret.) Ben Hodges, Senior Advisor Human Rights First
  • Rail Loading Ramps (GDELS–Bridge Systems)
  • Interoperability of Floating Bridge Systems (GDELS–Bridge Systems)
  • GDELS’ Bridging Helps Underpin UK, NATO Mobility and Interoperability (Tim Guest)
  • The German/British Amphibious Engineer Battalion 130 (Lieutenant Mario Kissel)
  • Establishment of the German/British Amphibious Engineer Battalion 130 Minden 30.09.2021 (Lieutenant General Alfons Mais, Chief of the German Army)
  • Military Mobility – Core Element of a Credible NATO Strategy (Lieutenant General (ret.) Heinrich Braus)
 GDELS–Bridge Solutions
  • The Floating Bridge Family IRB-M3-HYDRA (GDELS–Bridge Systems)
  • Evolution of the Amphibian M3. How constant development has kept the M3 amphibious bridge and ferry system up-to-date over the decades (GDELS–Bridge Systems)
  • A New Approach to Mobility (GDELS–Bridge Systems)
  • Flexibility Follows Function (GDELS–Bridge Systems)
  • Use of VIPER Bridge System by the U.S. Marine Corps (GDELS–Bridge Systems)
  • MAMBA – The All-Rounder (GDELS–Bridge Systems)
  • Testing the limits of the Improved Ribbon Bridge (Carol C. Coleman)
  • GDELS–BS – the Partner for High Military Load Class Equipment (GDELS–Bridge Systems)
 Operation and International Users
  • Building Bridges and Interoperability in a Strong Europe. River-Crossing Operations during
  • Exercise Anakonda 16 (Major James M. Kadel and Captain Olufemi O. Apata)
  • Wet Gap Crossing. Keys to success, doctrine, principles and Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures from inside a Multi-Role Bridge Company (1st Lt Taylor M. Ross and Cpt Russell L. Bettencourt)
  • Future of Gap Crossing in the Royal Netherlands Army  (Captain Elmar J. Hoogterp)
  • Medium Gap Crossing (Captain Elmar J. Hoogterp)
  • M3 Meets Swedish Requirements for Cold Weather Operations (Erik Wistedt)
  • Operational in Iraq with GDELS’ Bridging (Tim Guest)
  • The MAMBA in Service with the Austrian Armed Forces (Lieutenant Colonel Stefan Schulz)
  • Mobility Support Equipment for the Republic of Korea Armed Forces (Hanwha Defense)
  • Future Strategy of Engineer Operations for Water and Dry Obstacles – from the Perspective of the German Army Corps of Engineers (Lieutenant Colonel Michael Frick and Captain Torsten Patzak)
 Disaster Protection
  • Floods: Involving the Bundeswehr in Disaster Management (Juliane Thümmel)
  • Disaster Protection Deployment of Military Bridges in the Bundeswehr (GDELS–Bridge Systems)
  • The Amphibious Bridge and Ferry System M3 has proven itself in numerous missions. Interview with Colonel Jorg Busch, German Army Engineer School
 Training and Logistic Support
  • Quality Assurance at General Dynamics European Land Systems-Bridge Systems (GDELS–Bridge Systems)
  • How do we learn in the future? About the future of learning from a technical and didactic point of view (Dr. Uwe Katzky and Klaus Bock-Müller)
  • Welding like Professionals. The General Dynamics European Land Systems-Bridge Systems
  • Welding Centre (GDELS–Bridge Systems)
 Civilian Bridging Applications
  • PoBo Development Project. „Development of an Improved, Multifunctional Pontoon Boat“ (GDELS–Bridge Systems)
  • General Dynamics European Land Systems presents Pontoon Boat in Hamburg (GDELS–Bridge Systems)
  • Autonomously Operating Reconnaissance Unit – BASILISK (GDELS–Bridge Systems)
  • Civilian Bridges for Disaster Control and Construction (GDELS–Bridge Systems)
  • GDELS participated in the NATO event Wide Wet Gap Crossing (WWGC) in Ingolstadt (Germany) (GDELS–Bridge Systems)

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