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European Security & Defence 05/2022

European Security & Defence 05/2022

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  • Iran’s Missile Prowess and the Nuclear Deal (Debalina Goshal)
  • The European Search for Strategic Relevance (David Saw)
  • Armoured Vehicles for the Visegrád Group (Robert Czulda)
  • Czech and Slovak Military Industrial Cooperation (Eugene Kogan)
  • PESCO – A Game Changer for Europe`s Defence Cooperation (Luca Peruzzi)
  • Towed Active Sonar Systems – a Growing Industry (Luca Peruzzi)
  • Controversial but Effective – Dual-Use Military/Police Tech (Tim Guest)
  • Acquisition Programmes in South-Eastern Europe (Manuela Tudosia)
  • Enhanced Urban Assault (Alex Horobets)
  • Light Tactical and Utility Vehicles (Sidney E. Dean)
  • Lessons Learned from the MMF Programme. A Reference for Future Cooperative Defence Acquisition Initiatives (Angel Saiz Padilla, Dion Polman, Joachim Weidmann)
  • CBRN Naval Collective Protection (Dan Kaszeta)
  • Bridging and Gap-Crossing Options (Christopher F Foss)
  • “We need a strong domestic defence industry.” Interview with Hungary’s Chief of Defence, Lieutenant-General Dr. Romulusz Ruszin-Szendi
  • Spain in NATO’s Missile Defence Architecture (Debalina Ghoshal)
  • The Rise and Fall of the Russian Battalion Tactical Group Concept (David Saw)
  • “Punching Above its Weight” – Canada’s Defence Industry Interview with CADSI’s President and CEO, Christyn Cianfarani
  • Canada’s Optical Powerhouse (David Saw)
  • “Many of our customers must trust their equipment every single day as their lives depend on it.” Interview with Jonas Ardemalm, Aimpoint’s Director for Professional Sales
  • Israeli Arms Exports to the EU: Land Systems (Eugene Kogan)
  • “XENTA has been a game changer for Weibel.” Interview with Frode Scott Nilsen, Chief Executive Officer at Weibel Scientific
  • US Army Enters New Small Arms Era (David Saw)
  • Russian Helicopter Deal on Hold. India Looks Towards Homemade Choppers (Suman Sharma)
  • DIMDEX 2022 Report (Luca Peruzzi)

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