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European Security & Defence 11-12/2021

European Security & Defence 11-12/2021

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  • An Ongoing Catastrophe. Re-designing Climate Security (Dr. Andreea Stoian Karadeli)
  • China’s Missile Proliferation and Legal Regimes (Debalina Ghoshal)
  • Russia’s Belt of (In)Security (Dr. Gayane Novikova)
  • Current Dynamics of the Black Sea Region (Dr. Andreea Stoian Karadeli)
  • US Army Howitzer Shoot-Off. Which System Will Win the US Army Competition? (John Antal)
  • Identification Friend or Foe Thomas Withington)
  • On Target – Advances in Small Arms Sights (David Saw)
  • Addressing Military Bridging and Gap-Crossing Requirements (Tim Guest)
  • The Optronic Maintenance Solution for the TIGER Aircraft. The Test Instrumentation Gunner Sight System (TIGSS) (Florian Lobitz)
  • Price Tag for the SUPER ALLIGATOR Disclosed (Yury Laskin)
  • High Technology in Support of Connected Forces (Korhan Özkilinc)
  • Defence Export – Israel's Strategic Investments in the Arabian Gulf (Tamir Eshel)
  • Military Missions at the Edge of Space (Doug Richardson)
  • Countering Infra-Red Guided Missile Threats (Luca Peruzzi)
  • Modern Aero Engines: Multifuel vs. Hybrid vs. Electric (Alex Horobets)
  • Engines of Destruction. An Update on Main Battle Tank Power Packs (John Antal)
  • Networked Future Weapon Systems for Turkish Forces. Directed-Energy Weapons and Railguns (Korhan Özkilinc)
  • NATO Pods: New Airborne Capabilities (Doug Richardson)
  • Special Mission Aircraft. Lengthy product certification procedures are hampering the growth of the market. (J. C. Menon)
  • New Approaches to Demilitarisation, Dismantling and Disposal (D3) (Marcus Kluge, Selma Fernandes, Ines Alves)
  • AWACS Succession: SLEP and AFSC (Giulia Tilenni)
  • International Corvette and Frigate Programmes (Bob Nugent)
  • Gaming for Urban Military Operations (Suman Sharma)
  • “A Story Made of Future”. Interview with Domitilla Benigni, CEO and COO of Elettronica Group
  • Turkish Tactical Utility Helicopter Programmes (Ian Frain)

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