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European Security & Defence 09/2021

European Security & Defence 09/2021

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Länder-Fokus: Großbritannien

  • Welcome to DSEI (Jeremy Quin, Minister for Defence Procurement UK Ministry of Defence)
  • The United Kingdom’s Integrated Review (Conrad Waters)
  • Some You Win and Some You Lose – The Ongoing British Army Armour Crisis (David Saw)
  • Building a New Reality. The British Defence Industrial Strategy (David Saw)
  • Raytheon UK: Pushing the Boundaries. Interview with Jeff Lewis, Chief Executive and Managing Director, Raytheon UK
  • Exporting Maritime Britain. Interview with Mark Goldsack, Director of the Department for International Trade UK Defence and Security Exports
Weitere Inhalte:
  • Domestic Military Assistance to Civilian Authorities. Evolving Needs and Enduring Principles (Manuela Tudosia)
  • Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in 2021 – Beyond the Pandemic Effect (Andreea Stoian Karadeli)
  • Significant Shifts in the Geopolitics of the South Caucasus (Gayane Novikova)
  • Russian Helicopters Made in India. Indian-Russian helicopter deal stuck over local content (Suman Sharma)
  • Attempting To Avoid Complications – Europe’s Search for a Sustainable Security Strategy (David Saw)
  • Driving Interoperability in Europe – FINABEL (Tim Guest)
  • Protecting the Baltics (Giulia Tilenni)
  • NATO Deployment and Management in Eastern Europe (Suman Sharma)
  • New European Attack Helicopters: Eagerly Awaited by 2025 (Georg Mader)
  • Main Battle Tanks in NATO (Christopher F. Foss)
  • Long-Range Observation Systems (Tamir Eshel)
  • European Frigate Programmes Gain Momentum (Luca Peruzzi)
  • A New Frigate for the Hellenic Navy (Stephen Barnard)
  • Tank Gun and Ammo Developments: 120mm and Above (Henry Richardson)
  • CBRN Protective Clothing. Advances in Textiles and Technologies (Dan Kaszeta)
  • Rise of the Robot Warrior (Doug Richardson)
  • Russia and the Lightweight Fighter Sweepstakes (Reuben F. Johnson)
  • Developments in the Global Sonar Market (Bob Nugent)
  • Stealth Technology in Naval Shipbuilding (Thomas Withington)
  • Softkill Solutions for the Modern Navy (Doug Richardson)
  • How Relevant are Rare Earths to Europe's Security and Defence? (Juan Manuel Chomon and Andreas Ganser)
  • Less-Lethal Enforcement Technology: Definition and Use (Joris Verbeurgt)
  • Energy Magazine. A Key Enabler for Current and Next Generation Surface Combatants (Luca Peruzzi)
  • Upgrading CHINOOK in Europe (Esteban Villarejo)
  • The EU's BROADWAY Communication Initiative (Thomas Withington)
  • Human Factors Engineering 2.0 (Frank Schwarz-Müller, Ralf Bues und Christoph Poredda)
  • Polish Armaments Export Perspectives (Grzegorz Sobczak)
  • SBCT Artillery Competition: A Status Report (Sidney E. Dean)
  • The RCWS Specialist. Interview with Patrik Hlůšek, Commercial Director of EVPÚ Defence
  • Technologies in Support of Night Combat (Jan-Phillipp Weisswange)

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