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Advanced Technologies for German Land Forces 2019

Advanced Technologies for German Land Forces 2019

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September 2019

Size: 98 pages

Content includes:


  • 21st Century Revolution of Military Affairs and Demands for the German Armed Forces (Henning Otte)
  • Armed Conflicts Will Continue to Be Resolved on the Ground! (Jörg Vollmer)
  • Personnel, Training and Effective Equipment – Key Elements of Military Capabilities (Wolfgang Köpke)
Mission and Capabilities
  • The Bundeswehr Capability Profile – A Driving Force of Innovation and Digital Transformation of the Armed Forces (Edgar Behrends)
  • Outlook on Division 2027 (Michael Schlechtweg, Elmar Schulz)
  • Future Challenges of the Bundeswehr Medical Service in International Crisis Management and in National/Collective Defence (Sascha Peter Bös, Sebastian Fricke, Matthias Marth, Dr. Anna Grella)
Armament Projects Land Forces
  • Equipment Planning in the German Army 2019 – Situation and Outlook (Stefan Klein)
  • Equipment Projects of the Joint Support and Enabling Service – Projects Having a Leverage Effect on the Capability Profile of the Bundeswehr (Michael Grintz)
Protection and Mobility
  • Protected and Unprotected Vehicles of the Bundeswehr (Gerhard Heiming and Michael Horst)
  • Comprehensive Perimeter Protection on Land, Water and in the Air - Securiton GmbH
  • Short and Very Short Range Air Defence: A Long-term Air Force Analysis (Mateo Osterhagen-Zalles, Marcel Szalai, Helge Weyman)
  • The Future of Germany´s Integrated Air & Missile Defense - Interview with Bruce R. Eggers, Business Development Director for German Integrated Air and Missile Defense, Raytheon International
Command and Control
  • Digitisation of Land-Based Operations (Dirk Paul)
  • One-stop information and communication (ATM ComputerSysteme GmbH)
  • First Mile Mobility (Dorothee Frank)
  • Rohde & Schwarz enables networked centric operations by modern communications architectures (Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG)
  • Heron 1 in Mali – A Success Story Continues (Volker Jansen)
  • The latest generation of combat vehicles: Lethal, survivable, mobile, digitised, networkable (Rheinmetall AG)
  • The Puma AIFV – The Optimum Asset for the Mechanised Infantry Today and Tomorrow (Mark Mozer)
  • MELLS (Spike LR) – State-of-the-art Guided Missile Weaponry for the Puma (EuroSpike GmbH)
  • Safety Seat Systems – Integral component of the overall Puma AIFV safety concept (AUTOFLUG GmbH)
  • More Punch for the Boxer (Christoph Jehn)
  • The Advancement of the Tiger Attack Helicopter (André Forkert)
  • The Future Infantryman System – Current Status and Procurement Plans (Team of authors, BAAINBw Branch U5.5)
  • Procurement of the Shoulder-launched Guided Weapon “Wirkmittel 1800+” is Close to Decisions (André Forkert)
  • WiSENT 2 – One Platform for Multiple Missions (Christoph Jehn)
  • The Medium Protected Medical Evacuation Vehicle (Klaus Krickl)
Future Trends
  • NH90 – Current Status and Further Planning (Team of authors, BAAINBw, Branch L8)
  • The Final Round – The German Heavy Transport Helicopter Project Enters its Final Stages (Ulrich Renn)
  • Hyperwar – New Challenges for Army Development (Thomas Doll, Uwe Beyer, Thomas Schiller)
  • Artificial Intelligence – Cyber and Information Domain System and Capabilities – Status and Way Ahead (Matthias Frank)

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