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European Security & Defence 07/2017 - PDF

European Security & Defence 07/2017 - PDF

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Aus dem Inhalt:


  • Strengthening the Pillars of Security and Defence - Finland’s Policy in a New Environment (Teija Tiilikainen)
  • Finland's Defence Today and Tomorrow (Jarmo Lindberg)
  • "We are following the European directives strictly." - Interview with General (retd.) Raimo Jyväsjärvi, National Armaments Director and Director General, Resource Policy Department, MoD Finland
  • "We wish to maintain our operational independency in all situations." - Interview with Lieutenant General Kyösti Halonen, Deputy Chief of Staff, Logistics and Armament, Finnish Defence Forces
  • The Finnish Defence Industrial Base - Capabilities and Perspectives (Tuija Karanko)

Weitere Themen:

  • Norway’s Defence Revival (Stephen Blank)
  • Protecting the 5th Republic - The French Internal Security Challenge (David Saw)
  • Deadlock in the Caucasus - EU´s Engagement with Abkhazia Needs a New Boost (Jan Blinka)
  • Alliance Ground Surveillance (Camille Grand)
  • "We need to have the new F-110 frigates by 2023 or 2024." - Interview with Admiral Teodoro López Calderón,
  • Chief of Staff, Spanish Navy
  • Italy’s 2017 Defence Budget and the 2017-2019 Planning Document (Luca Peruzzi)
  • Challenges in Thailand (David Saw)
  • Last Line of Defence - The Market for Aircraft Self-Protection (Georg Mader)
  • KC-46 PEGASUS Status Report (Sidney E. Dean)
  • Fighter Pilot Training (William Carter)
  • Securing Strategic Sites (Tamir Eshel)
  • Calming the Storm - Equipment for Riot Control (Doug Richardson)
  • CBRN Training and Simulation (Dan Kaszeta)
  • Technology Driving Increased Simulation Fidelity (Trevor Nash)
  • Danish Defence Industry 2017 (Jørgen Bo Leimand)
  • Urgency in the Middle East - Regional Air Forces Are Re-equipping (Alan Warnes)



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