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Defence Technology Review – Technologies for German Land Forces

Defence Technology Review – Technologies for German Land Forces
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Defence Technology Review – Technologies for German Land Forces

September 2017

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  • Army 4.0 (Lieutenant General Jörg Vollmer, Chief of Staff, German Army)
  • Equipment Planning of the German Army (Lieutenant Colonel (GS) Eduard Schnabel, Assistant Branch Chief at German Army Headquarters Staff)
  • Project “Taurus” (Colonel (GS) Anthony Leuvering, NLD Senior Staff-Officer Integration in the 1. PzDiv and Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Baumann, Project Officer TAURUS of the 1. PzDiv)
  • The Leopard 2A7V Main Battle Tank (Frank Lobitz, Deputy Project Manager Leopard 2 within the BAAINBw)
  • The Puma Infantry Fighting Vehicle in the In-Service Phase (Leitender Technischer Regierungsdirektor Hartmut Schroers, Puma IFV Project Manager at BAAINBw Branch K5.2)
  • Puma AIFV Impresses during Trials in the Czech Republic (PSM)
  • WiSENT 2 – One Platform for Multiple Missions (Christoph Jehn, Project Manager WiSENT 2 at FFG)
  • MLC 80 Assault Bridge – Armoured Bridging System (Technischer Regierungsdirektor Martin Braatz, Project Manager at BAAINBw K6.3 and responsible for the AB system procurement project)
  • Armoured Tactical Mobility (Dietmar Klos)
  • New Protection Solutions (IBD)
  • High-Performance Backbone for State-of-the-Art Combat Vehicles (ATM)
  • Closing the Gap of Unexploited Reconnaissance Capabilities (Boger Electronics)
  • Communication and Architectures (Dorothee Frank)
  • The Vehicle Systems Division (Rheinmetall)
  • The Infantry (Dietmar Klos)
  • Advanced IR-Sensors for Reconnaissance and Precise Engagement (Dr. Wolfgang Cabanski, CEO, AIM Infrarot-Module GmbH)
  • Industrial Support Services (steep)
  • Making Life Safer for Armed Forces and Law Enforcement (Dirk Louwers, Marketing Director Life Protection at DSM Dyneema)
  • From C² Means to Battle Management Systems (Dorothee Frank)
  • Plunging Fire and Precision Munitions (Dietmar Klos)
  • Lightweight Precision for Infantry and Special Forces (MBDA)
  • New Laser Weapon System able to Connect to Different C² Systems (Team of authors, Mittler Report Verlag)
  • Water Purification in the Field (Master Sergeant Andreas Augstein, squad leader in a water treatment platoon in the 164th Special Engineer Regiment; Major Carsten Erdmann, special engineering and pipeline staff officer in the Logistics Command of the Armed Forces)
  • Support for Peacekeeping and Disaster Control (Markus Barner, Head of Marketing & Public Relations at Kärcher Futuretech)
  • Army Air Mobility (Ulrich Renn)
  • Heavy Transport Helicopters for the Bundeswehr (Ulrich Renn)
  • High-Energy Laser Systems for the Military (Dorothee Frank and Gerhard Heiming)


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